Let Our Journey Inspire You
Guide to Giving at UNISWA Foundation

Because You Give

Because you give we have brought the following flagship projects to UNISWA:

  • The Kuwait Sports Emporium
  • The National Crop Production Centre
  • Improving Internet Bandwidth Capacity
  • Equipment Procurement for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering building
  • The Irrigation of the Dalcrue Farm
  • The Women's Agricultural Hostel
  • The MTN Cyberzone at th Faculty of Agriculture
  • The SGL Digital Gateway at the Institute of Distance Education
  • The Swaziland Water Services Corporation/UNISWA Scholarship Programme
  • The Rehabilitation of the Main Conference Room
  • The FNB Cyberspace at UNISWA
  • The NETCOM Hub of Creativity at the Main Campus library
  • The Tree of Prominence and Prosperity
  • The Animal Science Reproductive Physiology Research laboratory
  • The Sibusiso Vilane Agricultural Extension Unit
  • The Provision of Research Journals for the Main Campus Library
  • The Government of Japan Scholarship Programme
  • Student sponsorship for the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) World Cup in Paris, France.


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