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about UNISWA Foundation

In its approach to business the Foundation places a strong premium on the three main pillars of accountability, innovation and donor-centred fund-raising.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Fostering Public Trust and Confidence

Fundamental to the ethos of the Foundation is adherence to the principles of good corporate governance and abiding by the values of accountability, transparency and the highest possible levels of professionalism and ethical conduct. In this respect, the Foundation firmly embraces the philosophy that transparency and accountability is equal to smart business practice. Consequently the financial management of the Foundation is governed by the well established policies, practices and procedures of UNISWA and the Board of Trustees.

DONOR-CENTRIC FUNDRAISING - Donors, Our Most Valuable Asset

The most valuable asset of the Foundation is the donors who express their generosity through immense support of the Foundations strategic undertakings. As a result of this, our unique promise of value to donors is to not only meet but exceed their increasing expectations for maximum value. Accordingly, our intention is to attract and retain new and existing donors by satisfying their strict demands for quantum and mutually beneficial partnership.

INNOVATION - Realigning Our Paradigm in the Wake of a New Reality

The Foundation has always found significant merit in the need for organizational self-renewal in order to keep up with the furious pace of development. In line with this paradigm of business one of the distinctive features of the Foundation is a vibrant culture which consistently encourages creativity, experimentation and innovation. Consequently, the Foundation has earmarked the relentless pursuit of niche market opportunities as a key success factor for its vigorous fundraising campaign.


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