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Donor Satisfaction Survey

The Donor Bill of Rights
Donor Satisfaction Survey
As part of our ongoing effort commitment to afford our partners in development the best possible experience with us, we have conducted the first ever donor satisfaction survey in the 2011/2012 financial year. We envisage that the findings of the flagship survey will provide baseline data that will give invaluable insight on donor needs and interests, and help us to maintain even more fruitful and healthier relationships with donors.

The Donor Bill of Rights
The Donor Bill of Rights

Donor Bill of Rights

Essentially, the Donor Bill of Rights is a unique certificate and oath of stewardship that consists of a set of tangible benefits that the Foundation offers to our current and prospective donors. The main principle behind the Bill of Rights proceeds from our fervent commitment to avail the highest possible levels of professionalism, value and quantum for donors.sees (resources section)

Donor Retention

Our donors irrevocably remain our single most valuable asset. Our unique promise of value is to our donors, friends and partners is to meet and exceed their expectations for optimal value. In this respect we are passionately determined to create and preserve enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with both current and prospective donors of the Foundation.

Donor Acknowledgement and Recognition

We have developed a variety of ways to acknowledge and recognize the generous contributions and support of an inherently diverse donor base. Firstly, these include executive and exclusive naming rights for facilities that have been funded through major gifts from donors, and by way of collaborative partnerships. Secondly, depending on the significance of the donation the Tree of Prominence and Prosperity has been inaugurated to avail long lasting recognition to funders of the Foundation. Thirdly, we provide timeless marketing exposure on publications and marketing material of the Foundation in cognizance of the various contributions of our increasing pool of donors.


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