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UNISWA Foundation


The Foundation subscribes to the philosophy that visibility creates credibility. In line with this view one of the tangible benefits offered by the Foundation to its wide range of stakeholders is extensive publicity of project launches, donation presentations and partnerships in the print, digital and electronic media and all marketing material of the Foundation. At the end of each financial year the Foundation compiles a comprehensive annual report detailing the various facets of its operations. Furthermore, the Foundation has multiple accountability requirements that it has to fulfill through various reports for various stakeholders, donors and partners.

Policies and Procedures

To a large extent the Foundation adheres to UNISWA's policies and procedures. These generally include and relate to finance and procurement, legal affairs, human resources, ICT, and security to name a few. This is necessary given the interdependence of the two entities. Where deemed essential the Foundation creates its own independent policies and procedures that are unique to its core business.


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UNISWA Foundation
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