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about UNISWA Foundation


  • The overarching goal of the Foundation is to spearhead institutional advancement of UNISWA by creating sustainable and competitive advantages for the institution and facilitating the professional and intellectual growth of the country.


  • Projecting a healthy, positive and upbeat image of UNISWA as the premier higher learning institution and intellectual hub of Swaziland.
  • Broadening the vast network of existing partners by promoting and positioning UNISWA as a viable and credible entity for corporate social investment, public-private-partnerships, international donor funding, private sponsorships and alumni giving.
  • Relentlessly pursuing niche market opportunities. Increasing the footprint of the Foundation on the global fundraising map remains fundamental.
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations of donors, friends and partners.


Tel: (00268) 2518-7822
(00268) 2518-4389
Fax: (00268) 2518-4911
(00268) 2518-5276
UNISWA Foundation
Kwaluseni, M201
Kingdom of Swaziland

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